• How can a pure heart
    fight without resistance
    And I fall, never to return,
    show down and set out to burn
    I shun the day
    as death is one heartbeat away
    No light to shun
    It's rapture it's pain, it's bodies
    bleeding in the rain
    No light to shun
    Never give in - shut down - set for sin
    Suffering... suffering..
    The Desert Eagle spreads its wings for you
    Kiss the cold steel
    Than let the bullets come through
    This is the ultimate and,
    I'll make it sure that you will see
    As I shall kiss the cold steel
    And see how dark this day really can be..
    Now our hearts beat on
    The black is back in the deep
    I see a million of nations
    In blank and hot leather
    Puppets without strings
    Now join the show
    Demons without wings
    We are death in vogue..
    The human cattle lick
    On the ethical nightsticks
    All the tear of the victims
    Run on cold cheeks' meat
    Cause here's a future that'll feed on sheep
    Let's play a game of two
    I'll play God and you'll play you
    Let's play a game tonight
    I'll play Dark and you'll play Light..
    The cry that she made
    Was the cry of a dying child
    The revocation if empathy
    The sound from a million
    Dreams and scars
    Terminator Bliss
    Blessed under a lie, Her last little weak "why?"
    The bloody end of a dream
    Slit the throat and taste the cream..
    May the future open wide tonight
    May the true conflicts start the fight
    May the stars of death be the only light
    Upon a future damned and drunk on our might
    You dream of angels and we bring you hell
    Another flag to burn,
    laws in chaos another page to be turned
    Strong stands the enemy and shall
    only stand proud..
    Stand here for me angel
    Oh little child so broken and wild
    Bear not life on your shoulders
    just kiss it one more time
    Was the music to loud for you
    too raw to be true
    Were the abstracts too dark for you
    I beg you now to..
    These secrets I’ll bring to you
    Are of thorns and ice
    These secrets I’ll give to you
    Will turn virtue to vice)
    Как говорится, ня*)
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